Kiddo is Going to be 9 Years Old

How did we get here so fast? It seems like only yesterday I was bringing my preemie baby home after her 10 day stint in the NICU. First they tell me that I couldn’t get pregnant, then I got pregnant and they told me to prepare myself for the worst (they didn’t think she’d make it), had a not-so-wonderful pregnancy (high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, edema) and at 7 months along I fell in the shower. That’s right…down I went and up came my right leg smack dab into my belly.

Then off to the hospital I went, 22 1/2 hours of grueling labor and 45 minutes of the easiest delivery ever (go figure!)…the little girl who would change my entire world came into my life. I had no idea what unconditional love was truly about until I looked at this magnificent little human being in the eyes. She was an extension of myself, she grew inside me from a tiny little cell and there she was…so…perfect.

Blonde hair, blue eyes and the chubbiest cheeks that I could have (and I did) spent hours kissing. Little ears that I spent countless sleepless nights singing to. Little fingers that I silently begged to wrap around my own. I could not get enough of her.

I love this video of her at 3 years old <3

Almost 9 years later…and I still can’t.

Every thing I do, I do for her. She is my legacy. What a gift to leave to the world someday ­čÖé

76384_536625909747063_476714212_nShe’s intelligent, independent, courageous, full of life, compassionate beyond belief, inspiring and while I want to keep her 8 years old for as long as I can there is a part of me that simply can not wait to see who she turns into. She fascinates me.

Becoming a Mommy scared me to no end. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be good enough. Yet, I can look back on the last last 9 years and KNOW… I did something right. I’ve done wonderful by her…and it shows. Have I mentioned how neat she is?

She’s not perfect…I don’t want her perfect. I want her happy and safe. I want her to know that no matter what…she is loved; unconditionally. I want to prepare her for the big ol’ world and yet not strip her of her innocence either.

Everyone who meets her, loves her; she’s charming and polite.

IMG_2127She’s a straight A student who actually enjoys school and adores her teacher. She has an eagerness to learn about history and is fascinated by it to the point that she will research everything about it (yeah, she gets it honestly!) and then tell you all about it as if she’s been studying it for years.

She’s spoiled rotten and I don’t care because she doesn’t act it.

She loves to talk — and I mean really talk! Which is ironic because she hardly said a word until she was 3 years old. I remember being so concerned about it (because preemies sometime develop a little more slowly) and her Pediatrician kept telling me, “Stop worrying, Mom! Someday she’s going to talk your ear off!” And you know what? She does. Non-stop endless babbling and while it can drive me crazy at times, I also love it!

We talk all the time. She’ll sit down next to me and just ask me question after question. She wants to know everything about anything. So I tell her (age appropriate, of course) everything she wants to know and if I don’t know…we look it up. Or we encourage her to.

Her Dad & I often tell her, “Google it”…and off she goes.

IMG_0231These past 9 years have been the best of my life. I wish I could have had 9 more (I always wanted a lot of kids), but it wasn’t in the cards. Lucky for her because she gets her Mommy all to herself and let me tell you…she’s thrilled with that. She tells me all the time how much she loves me.

Yet, she had no idea how much I love her. She is going to change the world someday…mark my words.

Happy Birthday (just a little while longer), baby girl! I can’t wait for the next 9 years!


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    Wow alexis is going to be 9 she looks so grown and then before we all know it she going to be 16 yrs old driving

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