Best Friends & Making Memories


Celebrating 9 years of age…and 8 years of friendship!

It’s almost 1am on Monday morning and what am I doing? Writing up a quick blog post about this past weekend. I’m nocturnal by nature — I’ve accepted that a long time ago. With that said, this isn’t about me…it’s about my daughter and her best friend.

Alexis turned 9 today (well, MY today because I haven’t been to bed yet; working on that next) and it’s been a great past couple of days for her.

While I usually host some sort of themed party for her birthday every year, we decided to tame it down a bit this year. It wasn’t an easy decision, because that meant not having 20 of her friends to celebrate it with her, but it was the right decision nonetheless.

Alexis has a best friend (aka BFF) that she’s known for 8 years. If these two could be attached at the hip 24 hours a day, they would. We (her BFF’s mom and I) absolutely love it because they’re good for one another. They compliment each other perfectly.

Even more impressive? They have real friendship figured out…at 9 years old. I know people my age (a real lady never reveals her age; right?) who still don’t have it figured out, but these two — it’s just nothing short of amazing. It truly impresses anyone who knows them.


Prepping for the video…giggles and shyness galore.

So after a long discussion with my daughter we decided to change up the party plans this year and just make a big day for the two of them. Because Kiley lives about a half hour away, and all of our schedules keep us busy, their time together is limited (quality over quantity) so this was perfect for them…a special Alexis & Kiley day.

Alexis’ Dad and I paid for them to go to Build-a-Bear and Incredible Pizza and get whatever they wanted and have as much fun as 2 nine year olds could…and boy did they ever! Afterward they came back to our house and they played with their American Girl dolls, opened the last of Alexis’ birthday gifts from us & Kiley (and family), then we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.

It was perfect! A huge success followed by begging in the realm of  “Can we do something like this again next year?“.

Kiley spent the night and they played all day today. Yes — we had more cake 🙂 However, before she left to go back home we decided to make a video depicting the last 8 years of their friendship. The idea is to “vault it” and watch it 5 years from now so that they can see the changes in not only themselves, but also one another.

It’s a 15 minutes video, but it goes by pretty fast. I could go and on, but I think I’ll just let the video do the talking.

I’ll end this post with these words…these two will no doubt be best friends their entire lives and that’s comforting. Alexis is an only child, but with Kiley — she has a sister of the heart. It doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

I love you girls! Thank you both for being so amazing!

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