Family Vacation 2013

So here’s the deal…and I’m comfortable enough typing this because I have someone who is coming to live at our house for the next 10 days to watch our fur babies. He’s a country boy who knows how to shoot guns and can call in even more country boys if there’s a problem. These country boys are my family 😛

Now, with that said…Steve, Alexis and me are leaving for a 10 day vacation on Thursday evening. I’ll be blogging about it here on my blog and posting the links on my newly formed Facebook page: so feel free to “Like” the page to keep up if’n ya’d like.

I purchased a brand spankin’ new DSLR camera specifically for the occasion and it takes some pretty awesome pictures — if I do say so myself!



Mommy’s Girl


Also Mommy’s Girl

We’ll be making a pit stop at Fort Campbell, Kentucky to visit a memorial in honor of my cousin SGT Amanda Pinson Memorial, then a QUICK pit stop at Lookout Mountain, TN while road tripping on our way to Davenport (Orlando), Florida. I’ll be posting pictures and anything else that I can think of along the way.

It should be an interesting time… 😉

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