Recipe: V8 Chili

As I was growing up my Stepdad would make his infamous chili and it was delicious! For some reason he stopped making it and after years of craving it I finally asked my Mom what he put in it that made it taste so great so I could make it. While she gave me his recipe, I ended up modifying it over the years and finally settled on the one that I’m about to share here.

Please note a couple of things:

  • Don’t let the tomato base scare you. As much as my husband doesn’t care for tomatoes he really LOVES (I can’t stress that enough) my chili.
  • The only thing that I omitted was the bay leaf that he would put in it at the end.
  • You can make this with, or without, beans. It’s more a Texas type of chili with more meat than beans anyway so this is perfectly acceptable. I would probably add another 1-2lbs of hamburger if you do this just to keep the consistency accurate.

Without further ado, my V8 chili recipe:

1379907_10151963369368055_923916699_n 5lbs hamburger




1375961_10151963369413055_729683079_n1 medium/large onion
1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce



1379662_10151963369508055_1508877353_nChop half of the onion




1374784_10151963369718055_1227743183_nCook hamburger in pan
Add onions to pan
Add Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tbsp garlic (fresh garlic is best, but I will use minced and it turns out good too)
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp parsley
1-2 tbsp McCormick’s Grill Mates Hamburger seasoning
*The concept is to let the meat soak in all the flavor and spices while it cooks. It makes the chili that much better.

While the meat is cooking, combine the following ingredients to a large crockpot:
1382089_10151963369788055_1067961715_n2-14.5oz can stewed tomatoes
1-14.5oz can diced tomatoes w/rosemary and oregano
2-16oz cans chili beans (medium or spicy/hot)
2 packets chili seasoning (I use McCormick’s)
1-64oz bottle of V8 juice (yep V8 juice; you can use the spicy blend for a ‘kick’)
*tip: only pour in half of V8 juice to leave room for cooked meat (pour in remaining amount or until you reach desired consistency after the meat has been added)

1394186_10151963369903055_1410931588_nDrain hamburger grease
Slowly add cooked meat to crockpot



1383877_10151963369998055_1768451241_nAdd in remaining V8 juice



Set crockpot and cook:
High 4 hours
Low: 6-8 hours

Stir occasionally
Serve w/remaining onion (chopped), shredded cheese and Ritz crackers.
For a spicy effect add a little Tabasco.

My husband’s commentary and retweet of this recipe:

And there you have it!

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